The origins of Castello di Montignano date back to 962, when Ottone I of Sassonia was crowned in Milan German Emperor and King of Italy by the Pontiff Giovanni XII. His first job was to create a group of faithful feudatories in central and northern Italy.


At Count Arnolfo, a courtier and relative of the Emperor, was allocated a part of Umbria and the county named Arnolfa, that included Montignano.


At the beginning of the 1500  the Atti family owned extremely large territorial properties extending as far up as Montignano, which almost from as early as the XV century was controlled by the Matalucci family.


In the first half of the seventeenth century foreign military incursions of Spanish, Imperial and French armies descended into Italy because of the Wars of Succession.


In the eighteenth century the Matalucci family refurbished the Castle that became a noble palace  with a garden and an external chapel.

The Matalucci family was closet o the extinction of his male descent and in 1775, Lavinia, daughter of Giacinto Matalucci, married Count Francesco Francisci of Todi. After 4 centuries, the Francisci family left Castello di Montignano to Angelo and Vincenzo Tacchi merchants of Foligno.


The Tacchi family owned Montignano for 20 years but showed no interest in the property.


The Alcini family of Massa Martana , bought the castle in 1908 and the surroundings including the wheat mill.


Enrico Alcini, died in 1940, one of the best known members of the family, was Mayor of Massa Martana and is remembered for its numerous initiatives aimed at the Council’s improvement as the building of the Urban Cemetery.
In 2006 Giuseppe Alcini, nephew of Enrico, began the work to convert the Castle from family residence into a luxury hotel.
In 2009, after almost 5 years of renovation work, Castello di Montignano opens to guests.


Castello di Montignano with its particular position with a stunning view on the beautiful Monti Martani,

invites you to enjoy and spend long stays in nature and learn about the wonders of Umbria, through cultural visits and sports activities.

The Castle is also the best place to relax your mind and body,

or to delve into wine tasting tours suggested or organized by the staff specially for the Guests.

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