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Acquadegna spa 

“Acqua Degna” SPA is named after Santa Degna, Protectress of Todi, who found rest and peace of soul in Montignano at the dawning of Christianity. The SPA is located in the dungeon of the Castle and has access from the rooms directly by the lift.

The Roman Path starts with the Thermarium, where the hydromassage pool has been made out of an ancient backwater tank.The path continues with the Tepidarium, where a pause at the 37°-zone favours the following step to the warmer zone, the Calidarium. The Body temperature is normalized in the Frigidarium. The adjacent Cloister gives hospitality to the Relax Zone. The SPA offers a journey that charms the senses through its waters, the magic of the Castle, its precious materials, its unexpected colours, its refined perfumes.



The Montignano Castle and Paolo Casera Beauty & Wellness will be delighted to welcome you to their “Acqua Degna” SPA whose name derives from the Saint Degna, protectress of Todi, who at the very dawn of Christianity found peace from persecution and a happiness of the spirit in Montignano. Situated in the castle’s dungeons, the SPA combines romantic locations and materials with advanced technology, merging the majestic qualities of stone to the most modern concepts of design.

Inspired by the Roman thermal baths, Acqua Degna SPA offers its guests  the ancient Roman path made up of a thermarium-tepidarium-calidarium and frigidarium, brought up to date by modern technology to enhance its beneficial effects and to enchant the senses.

The Paolo Caschera Beauty & Wellness personnel will take care of your well-being with personalized treatments and therapies conceived to satisfy each and every specific need. Our method and our philosophy have been carefully studied to maintain your psycho-physical well-being in harmony with your body and mind.

Our method and our philosophy have been carefully studied to maintain your psycho-physical well-being in harmony with your body and mind.


‘Acqua Degna’ SPA, situated in the Castle’s dungeons, may be reached by lift directly from your bedroom. The Roman itinerary begins from the Thermarium area where, in an antique tank once used for gathering rain water, a large hydro-massage swimming pool has been created.

The path then leads to the Tepidarium, where some time spent here at 37° prepares you for your stay in the next and warmer area, called the Calidarium. And last of all, to the Frigidarium where your body temperature and skin returns to normal.

In the adjacent cloister, the relaxation area.

A journey which delights the senses, in the midst of the castle’s magical history, wrapped in rare and precious fabrics, surprising colours, sophisticated perfumes.

In the summer months, there is an outdoor swimming pool for guests in the park in front of the castle, where you can spend moments of pure tranquillity surrounded by ancient olive and fruit trees


Paolo Caschera Beauty & Wellness offers its clients top quality beauty treatments using only the very latest natural products while always searching for active principles

  • Ayurveda 4 hands massage
  • Shirodhara & Traditional Ayurveda Massage
  • Pindasweda
  • Marma Point Treatment
  • Ayurveda  Massage for the expectant moth 
  • Ayurveda Maternity Massage
  • Hot-Stone in Ayurveda (Ratna Abhyangam)
  • Paolo Caschera Luxury Facial Treatment
  • Anti-Aging Facial
  • Radiance Facial Treatment
  • Rejuvenating Facial
  • Wine Therapy Body Wrap
  • Wine Body peeling
  • Mineral Body treatment


In the romantic setting of the Castle of Montignano, you can let yourself be seduced by a sensorial bath, romantically as a couple or by yourself. Every bath is followed by an extremely pleasant massage.

  • Cleopatra’s Bath, with a milk cream massage
  • Wine Bath, in the wine cask with a wine-based oil massage
  • Ayurveda Herbal Bath with a sesame oil massage
  • Local herbs bath with a massage of burdock and spike lavender essences
  • Roman Bath with a massage of Amber and Myrrh essences
  • Bath of rebalancing citrus fruits with an orange essence massage


The Castle of Montignano’s Acqua Degna SPA is pleased to offer clients coming in from outside, a day of total relaxation. The Day SPA includes the use of the Roman Itinerary (Tepidarium, Calidarium and Frigidarium) with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, water therapies and relaxation areas.  Wellness Kit with large bath towel, bathrobe and slippers. For lunch, a special, light low-calorie SPA menu to delight the palate while keeping you fit and healthy. To derive maximum benefit from a Day SPA, we suggest that you combine this wellness day with our ‘Rituals’ organized by the Paolo Caschera Beauty & Wellness personnel, who mix special treatments with the different itineraries.


The Paolo Caschera Beauty & Wellness Rituals are a combination of our best treatments with the various itineraries in order to exploit to their outmost all the synergy produced by a wellness full immersion.

The SPA Rituals package includes:

  • A delicate shake to delight the body and to prepare it for the chosen Ritual.
  • A combination of special ‘signature’ treatments purposely studied for different and specific needs.
  • A bath in the indoor swimming pool and a Roman Itinerary, enjoying the pleasant warmth offered by the Tepidarium and by the Calidarium’s steam bath, to then cool off in the Frigidarium’s icy swimming-pool with waterfall.
  • Moments of peace and quiet in the relaxation areas, while admiring the garden’s adjoining cloister, while waiting for the following treatments.
  • Light, low-calorie SPA menu to delight the palate while keeping you fit and healthy.
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